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Senior Consultant (Economic & MSME Development)

Job Type


Job Location

Cairo, Esna, and Luxor


VISIT-Esna Project

Closing Date

Monday, June 21, 2021

About the job

In January 2021, Takween embarked on a new project "Value Investment in Sustainable Integrated Tourism in Esna" (VISIT-Esna) in the City of Esna (Luxor Governorate.) The project aims to put Esna on the tourism map through a number of heritage conservation, marketing, and economic interventions.

Takween is actively seeking a seasoned, highly creative, and innovative Senior Consultant (Economic and MSME Development) to provide guidance and oversee the development of community-based high-yield tourism products at selected sites in the City of Esna and its surroundings. These tourism products are expected to lead to increased economic benefits to the local community from tourism development activities through increased visitation, improved employment and business opportunities, and better revenue retention at the local level.

Key Result Areas

Program Management / Technical Responsibilities

  • Provide technical leadership (design, methodology, and planning) to develop an effective Economic and MSME Development Strategy that achieves the project goal and objectives through overseeing research, field surveys, assessments, preparation of development scenarios, and suggestion of effective methods to support existing MSMEs and attract entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and to identify investment opportunities and innovative ideas;

  • Oversee the: i) mapping of the Cultural Tourism Value Chain (CTVC) of the City of Esna; and ii) development of Esna’s Tourism Competitiveness Plan (TCP) based on the CTVC;

  • Design and develop –in participation with the project management—the RFP of the CTVC and the TCP studies and participate in the relevant bidding process to shortlist and identify the study consultant(s);

  • Oversee the tasks of the identified consultant(s) throughout the different stages of the CTVC and TCP studies and coordinate with the relevant stakeholders (including the local community) to ensure their engagement in the study;

  • Review and approve the studies’ deliverables and develop a plan for the dissemination of the studies’ results through public event(s) engaging the relevant public and private stakeholders, and follow-up with the relevant stakeholders to facilitate their adoption of the studies’ recommendations;

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a plan to promote and facilitate private sector engagement to restore and utilize cultural heritage assets and to develop higher value-added tourism products through participation in the: i) identification of potential investment sites and activities for private sector engagement opportunities; ii) preparation of Investment Packages for the identified sites; iii) promotion of the Investment Packages among potential private sector entities; and iv) provision of technical support enabling the private sector partners to develop successful intervention plans;

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a plan to engage tourism sector institutions and financial/ nonfinancial service providers to build the capacity of- and mentor local entrepreneurs and MSMEs to develop and manage higher value-added tourism products and services through: i) identifying competent sector-related capacity development and training institutions; ii) connecting / referring local entrepreneurs and MSMEs to ongoing capacity development activities; and iii) managing the development and provision of inhouse capacity development workshops;

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a plan to provide technical assistance to local entrepreneurs and existing/newly established MSMEs, in line with the project objectives, so they can better understand the CTVC and its relevance to their businesses; properly identify their needs; take effective business decisions; design and implement tailored growth plans/strategies; prepare sound feasibility studies; and ensure compliance with national laws and policies, technical standards and organizational policies;

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of –in participation with relevant experts—capacity development activities for local craftsmen to develop, produce and promote cultural heritage related creative products; including the provision of trainings on handicrafts skills, development of creative products, and product branding and marketing;

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of –in participation with the project management—an Incentive Program as a catalyst for private sector and community investments in the cultural tourism value chain;

Communication and Reporting

  • Report to the Chief of Party monthly on the deliverables and planning outcomes;

  • Identify, coordinate, and conduct regular coordination meetings with project staff, consultants, donors, clients, and beneficiaries as required; and report on a regular basis progress of activities to the Chief of Party to ensure the timely and coordinated implementation of project activities;

Assistance to Higher Management Levels

  • Assist the Chief of Party and the Grant and Reporting Officer in preparation, monitoring, and analysis of relevant Monitoring, Evaluation and Evaluation (MEL) indicators, and any related communication materials required for the good communication of the project objectives, policies, activities and achievements to higher management and different stakeholders;

  • Assist the Chief of Party in achieving the project objectives through: i) dissemination and awareness activities; and ii) technical capacity building of the project-related staff to assist in achieving long-term sustainability of the project activities;

  • Assess and control risk, forecast potential opportunities and threats facing the implementation of the project relevant activities, and provide the Chief of Party with necessary advice to ensure that proper actions and preventive measures are timely taken;



  • BA degree in Economics or Business Administration;

  • Master's degree in a related field;


  • 15-20 years of experience working with the government, NGOs and donor-funded projects, progressively responsible work experience at a level that required supervision or management of projects and programs in economic development and entrepreneurship;

  • Experience of working with the government (at a senior level), CSOs and donor organizations in similar projects, preferably in Upper Egypt;

  • Experience with USAID-funded projects is highly preferable;

  • Proven experience in conducting and evaluating feasibility studies for MSMEs and supporting startups and entrepreneurial initiatives;

  • Strong knowledge of processes and tools associated with economic development mechanisms (strategic planning, investments, legislation, etc.);


  • Fluency in oral and written Arabic and English is a must;

  • Solid understanding of the latest effective trends of community economic development approaches;

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills and ability to work independently on a wide range of assignments/tasks;

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills;

  • Excellent presentation, negotiation, and verbal / written communication skills;

  • Critical thinking skills - able to understand situations and problems, identify cause and effect relationships and develop effective strategies;

  • Good intercultural skills and ability to work in a multicultural team.

  • Excellent working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).


  • Creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking;

  • Ability to work under high pressure and carry out multi-tasks in simultaneous projects;

  • Self-motivation and willingness to learn;

  • Teamwork abilities and work collaboratively with other stakeholders and staff members;

  • Accountability and high commitment to the company’s quality standards and code of ethics;

About us

Takween Integrated Community Development (Takween) is an urban development firm established in 2009 in Egypt by a dynamic team with extensive experience, in response to a foreseen growing demand for innovative urban solutions in a world where it is predicted that by 2030, 60% of the world’s inhabitants will be living in urban centers. Takween specializes in the development of integrated packages in urban development services and solutions to support and complement efforts of tackling urban challenges. Takween provides project planning, design, and implementation services to a range of local and international clients. Takween fields of interventions include integrated urban development and upgrading, heritage management and conservation, community development and mobilization, participatory design and planning, and construction activities.

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