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Hospitality Consultant

Job Type

Part Time - 6 month- 10 days a month

Job Location

Esna, Luxor and Cairo


VISIT-Esna Project

Closing Date

Thursday, June 8, 2023

About the job

The tourism product is an experience, delivered through service interaction. The travel, tourism and hospitality industries are no strangers to the importance of service excellence. Service providers strive for quality tourism 2 experiences, satisfied customers, and delivering value in order to obtain a competitive advantage by engaging consumers and inspiring repurchase intentions and positive word-of-mouth behaviour.
The Visit-Esna project strives to develop the tourism experience in Esn with consistent high standard customer service competitive with the service economy and other world destinations of choice. Tourism experiences can be deteriorated by various service failures such as transport delays, problems with accommodation services (e.g. cleanliness, safety issues, and maintenance works) and service staff, insufficient or misleading information, high price levels, and inconsistency in quality. Hotel personnel and tour operators are designed to deliver excellent customer service.
Accordingly, the consultant will provide advice, guidance, protocols, training as intended for:
• Accommodation such as Airbnb or Local Hotels which are the temporary homes of travellers and are expected to provide a safe, comfortable and friendly environment consistent with international hospitality standards. Training is aimed at managers, front desk staff, reception staff, and porters.
• Food and Beverage such as café and restaurants where they will cater to Tourists.
The specific duties of the consultant will be to develop protocols, checklists, costing and deliver a short-term training of trainer’s customer service customized training that will address customer service gaps by developing skills on effective communication, complaint management, accountability and sustainable positive behaviour. Overall, the trainings should deliver the following key objectives.

Key Result Areas

Job Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the importance of delivering effective customer service focusing on the following key elements: first impressions, country image, speed of service, anticipating and meeting passenger needs, availability and accuracy of information and advice, dealing with complaints and problems, as well as meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Learning how to adapt customer service to meet the individual needs of travellers by understanding that there are different types of travellers and that there are travellers with special needs.

  • Implementing the customer service skills required to meet customer needs such as communication skills (professionalism, effective listening, tone, attitude), presentation (hygiene, personality, appearance, working environment), teamwork (motivation), complaint handling (listening; questioning; empathising; understanding the problem; taking control of the situation; agreeing solutions.



  • BA degree in Tourism and Hospitality.


  • At least 10 years’ experience.

  • Hospitality experience both food and accommodation desirable at least one of the two Experience with USAID-funded projects is highly preferable.


  • Fluency in oral and written Arabic and English is a must.

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

  • Demonstrated record of training and protocol development.

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills and ability to work independently on a wide range of assignments/tasks.

  • Excellent presentation, negotiation, and verbal / written communication skills.

  • Critical thinking skills - able to understand situations and problems, identify cause and effect relationships and develop effective strategies.

  • Good intercultural skills and ability to work in a multicultural team.

  • Excellent working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).


  • Creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.

  • Ability to work under high pressure and carry out multi-tasks in simultaneous projects.

  • Self-motivation and willingness to learn.

  • Teamwork abilities and work collaboratively with other stakeholders and staff members.

  • Accountability and high commitment to the company’s quality standards and code of ethics.

Work Location:

  • The National Consultant will work mainly in Esna, Luxor; and should have the ability and willingness to travel to Cairo, Esna, and Luxor locations as required.

About us

Takween Integrated Community Development (Takween) is an urban development firm established in 2009 in Egypt by a dynamic team with extensive experience, in response to a foreseen growing demand for innovative urban solutions in a world where it is predicted that by 2030, 60% of the world’s inhabitants will be living in urban centers. Takween specializes in the development of integrated packages in urban development services and solutions to support and complement efforts of tackling urban challenges. Takween provides project planning, design, and implementation services to a range of local and international clients. Takween fields of interventions include integrated urban development and upgrading, heritage management and conservation, community development and mobilization, participatory design and planning, and construction activities.

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