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Al-Amrikiyya Area Assessment and Upgrading Project

Al-Amrikiyya area (AAA) is located at the center of 6th of October City and hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees in Egypt. The AAA has become an important gathering point; a hub of different commercial, administrative, residential and social activities; and an important urban node.



6th of October City, Egypt


July 2016 - February 2017


Project Partners:

The project was supported by UNHCR, Terre des Hommes, 6th of October City Administration, and New Urban Communities Authority.


Al-Amrikiyya Area Assessment and Upgrading Project is an in-depth study, which aimed to develop a comprehensive assessment of the al-Amrikiyya area’s urban, social, and economic aspects. The assessment was conducted by a multidisciplinary team and concluded with a proposed development strategy with both physical and socio-economic aspects, that aim at the enhancement of this urban node and the benefit of both host and refugee communities.


1. Understanding of the Development Context

a. Location and Boundaries;

b. History and Evolution of the Area;

c. Built Environment Analysis;

d. Socio-economic Analysis;

e. Institutional Analysis

2. The Area’s Needs Assessment

  • Participatory Design Workshops;

  • Built Environment Aspects;

  • Socio-economic Aspects;

  • Institutional Analysis