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Finance Manager

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

About the job

Takween is a growing company that is looking for a Finance Manager who will be the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company. The position needs someone who can be hands on and is ready to roll up their sleeves and work with the team. The Finance Manager 's duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company's financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions.
The role of a Finance Manager is similar to a treasurer or controller as the Finance Manager will be expected to be responsible for managing the finance and accounting divisions and for ensuring that the company’s financial reports are accurate and completed in a timely manner.
In summary the Finance Manager is:
- The top-level financial controller, handling everything relating to cash flow and financial planning;
- Responsible to ensure that all taxation and legal considerations required by the government and donors are strictly adhered to;
- Besides fulfilling his/her basic roles (such as management reporting, control and compliance, partners’ relations, etc.) the Finance Manager is expected to:
- Use financial data to challenge the business and contribute to operational decision making;
- Be a catalyst for driving business transformation; and link strategic objectives with the financial goal of the business;

Key Result Areas

  • Develop and monitor the financial system in order to ensure that the company finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner;

  • Maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems in order to ensure complete and accurate records of all moneys;

  • Provide leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting team;

  • Provide strategic recommendations to the CEO and Takween partners;

  • Manage the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, and oversee the preparation of all financial reporting;

  • Advise on long-term business and financial planning;

  • Establish and develop relations with senior management and external partners and stakeholders;

  • Review all formal finance related procedures;

  • Ensure the accurate calculation and timely payment of different taxes, social insurance contributions, and all other dues in compliance with the different laws and governmental requirements;

  • Administer the monthly payroll in order to ensure that employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner;

  • Lead and complete quarterly and annual regulatory filings; and prepare assigned Quarterly and Annual Statements;

  • Lead annual external audit and examination. Complete requested materials. Develop and assign schedules for the annual and interim audit;

  • Test and receive final approval for system reports required for management, financial reporting and general ledger reconciliations;

  • Coordinate and resolve various issues with bank such as cleared check differences, bank fee anomalies, targeted balance calculations and enhancements to online services;

  • Monitor positive pay exceptions;

  • Conform with and abide by all regulatory guidance and internal policies and procedures;

  • Document policies, procedures and workflow for assigned areas of responsibility;

  • Analyze actual costs and preparing periodic reports comparing standard costs;



  • Bachelor of Commerce degree is required;

  • CPA, CMA, or MBA preferred, and/or Postgraduate Degree in Finance;


  • Minimum (15) Years of professional experience in accounting, including at least (5) years in a similar position;

  • USAID experience and managing USAID grants for at least 5 years


  • Fluency in oral and written Arabic and English is a must;

  • Excellent analytical and writing skills in Arabic and English is desirable;

  • Strong mathematical approach;

  • Excellent communication skills;

  • Excellent working knowledge of MS Office;

  • Good Knowledgeof QuickBooks Online accounting software.


  • Ability to work under high pressure and carry out multi-tasks;

  • Self-motivation and willingness to learn;

  • Teamwork abilities and work collaboratively with other stakeholders and staff members;

  • Strong planning and organizational skills to cope with expected workload;

  • Accountability and highcommitment to the company’s quality standards and code of ethics.

About us

Takween Integrated Community Development is an urban development firm established in 2009 in Egypt by a dynamic team with extensive experience, in response to a foreseen growing demand for innovative urban solutions in a world where it is predicted that by 2030, 60% of the world’s inhabitants will be living in urban centers. Takween specializes in the development of integrated packages in urban development services and solutions to support and complement efforts of tackling urban challenges. Takween provides project planning, design, and implementation services to a range of local and international clients. Takween fields of interventions include integrated urban development and upgrading; heritage management and conservation; community development and mobilization; and direct involvement in participatory design and construction activities.

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