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Projects Takween piloted “Paint Cairo” in Ezbet Khairallah successfully completed in November 2011 initiative main goal

To improve the face of Cairo, by upgrading the built environment of residential buildings by adopting a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that will contribute to the well being of residents and change the general outlook towards the city to one that is more positive.

initiative main goal

Lights on “Paint Cairo” in media

Members of Takween introducing the initiative in Nile Live  TV show…


Local residents un use of materials

Job Creation

Short term and long terms


Reducing personal impacts on the environment

Through small, inexpensive and easily achievable steps altering the built environment to create and preserve sustainable cities.


Sustainable living

Seeks to create self-reliant communities based on principle of simple living, which maximize on self-sufficiency.

Community Participation

Creating ownership of the work

By ensuring the residents of buildings contribute to the finishing of buildings.


Building a sense of pride in where citizens live

By painting the city and changing the general outlook of where one lives, once can positively affect the well-being of its residents in a time when it’s critical everyone plays a positive role in building its future.


Enhancing the beauty of the city